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Pressed Metal (Decra)

Pressed Metal Tiles Decramastic, Decrabond, Colortile & Gerard

Pressed Metal Tiles, commonly known as Decramastic tiles, have been around since the early 1970’s. The most popular profiles of the time are still available today. Not all pressed metal tiles are Decramastic. Decramastic is a brand name used for one specific tile but has become a generic name for the product category. The concept is simple, provide a light weight roofing material that looks good. A point of difference from Concrete tiles or Colorbond.

Pressed Metal Tiles are no different to Concrete Tiles in that they suffer from weathering, hail damage and careless foot traffic. The most common pressed metal tiles can readily be repaired and refurbished.



Overall natural weathering is characterised by general chip coating loss. The following pictures are of a typical restoration process of a roof suffering from natural weathering.


An overall view showing the bands of chip loss typical of weathered tiles. Note the difference here to the hail damage type chip loss. Here loss is general and not confined to specific impacted areas. It shows in “bands” (see photo above).



This is typified by specific area chip and coating loss (or loosening). It is confined strictly to areas actually impacted by hail and is almost always repairable. A different pattern of chip loss can be caused by smaller hail that is driven by high wind but this is fairly rare.




Denting, from hail, cannot cause rusting. The cathodic protection afforded steel by zinc cannot be compromised in this way.

PMT_Foot_Traffic_v2There are two distinctly different types of denting that may be present on pressed metal tiles.

(1) Caused by careless pedestrian traffic – this is ‘V’ shaped kinks bending down tiles and not related to the obvious hail chip loss i.e. you will see a kink without associated shiny spot. Picture shows tile damage caused by careless pedestrian traffic. Note also the scuff marks on the tile noses and high edges. Some roof restoration companies may advise that these dints can be easily popped up, but we recommend against it as the tile may split as the metal fatigues. Once the roof is coated these splits can not be seen so leak repair is very difficult. 

Click here for information on how to walk on Pressed Metal Tiled Roofs.

(2) Denting caused by hailstone – these look like the dents in the bonnet of a car, and are always associated with specific shiny spots where both chip and coating loss is obvious. As a general rule the re-chipping procedures render them quite inconspicuous.



Most Decramastic roof that are replaced are done so because of the mistaken belief that the tiles are no longer available. This is not the case. Restyle refurbish these roofs with up to total (100%) chip loss, rusted tiles and dented tiles.

Should you find yourself in a dispute about the replacement of this product, please feel free to contact us for technical information and a no obligation free quote. We can even install a new Decramastic roof or an extension if required.

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