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Colourbond Roofs

Colorbond® and other factory pre-finished steel products

Colorbond® and other brands of pre-finished steel roof sheeting have a coating applied prior to pressing into the final shape or profile.

The factory applied finish can vary significantly between manufacturers resulting in some imported products being inferior to the genuine Colorbond®.

However, regardless of the brand of pre-finished steel roofing that you have it will require maintenance to ensure it looks its best.

Based on more than 30 years experience coupled with modern technological advancements Restyle can offer three different finishes to refinish your roof.

The finish selected is a personal choice depending on your requirements. The process is the same for each finish and carries the same 10 year warranty.

Finish 1: Standard Acrylic. Following the cleaning of the roof a metal primer is used followed by 2 coats of a quality water based roof specific acrylic. This finish is the least expensive and is suitable in most circumstances.

Finish 2: Heat Reflective Acrylic. Following the cleaning of the roof a special metal primer is used followed by 2 coats of a quality water based heat reflective acrylic. This finish is slightly most least expensive but will last longer and provide heat reflectance to keep your house cooler in summer. A cooler house is better for the environment and for your hip pocket as you have less reliance on expensive air conditioning.

Finish 3: Lacquer based Acrylic. With this coating the cleaning process is the same but the need for a primer depends on the use of the stripper. An etch primer is only used if the stripper was used. The use of a primer or cleaning only is followed by 2 coats of a specifically formulated acrylic lacquer designed to perform as well as the original material used by BlueScope Steel (BSL). This finish is the most expensive but will last longest.  This material is manufactured by the same company that supplied the original coating material used by BlueScope Steel.

Compared to a standard water based acrylic, finish 3 will maintain its colour and gloss over a much longer period of time. The graphs below show the performance of the lacquer based acrylic against a water based acrylic over a 10 year period.


The actual performance of the two finishes is best illustrated in the follow photo.


These two building were coated at the same time with the same colour. The preparation was identical with the coating material used being the only difference.

The building on the left was coated using a brand name water based acrylic, not our product, and the building on the right used the lacquer based acrylic top coat. These photos were taken 3 years after the coatings were applied.

The building coated with the water based acrylic has faded considerably with a corresponding loss of colour and gloss compared to the building on the right.

To learn more about the lacquer based acrylic process follow the link.


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