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Roof Repair


Click on a roof type above to learn about our roof repair services specific to your roof type.

Our team of roof repair experts are specialists in roof repairs & restoration of all roof types. Concrete Roof Tiles, Pressed Metal Tiles, Fibro Sheeting (Asbestos Roofs), Colorbond Roofs and Terracotta Tile Roofs!


The 7 Restyle Steps to Roof Refurbishment


  1. Setting the Roofing Job Up Correctly
  2. Re-bedding the Roof
  3. Fungicide Roof Treatment Service
  4. Water Blast Roof Cleaning and Roof Repairs for rust, holes & damage
  5. Re-Pointing and Securing your Roof Capping and Tiles
  6. Roof Surface Painting with primer sprayed on top the roof tiles
  7. Roof Finish Painting with 3-coats of ‘topcoat’


Relax and enjoy the improved appearance and value of your refurbished roof